Waterperry Gardens

Waterperry Gardens is a conventional orchard, near Wheatley, 9 miles from Oxford, that makes some lovely lovely apple juice.

Their Story

The five acres of orchards at Waterperry Gardens date back to the days of Beatrix Havergal who ran her famous school of horticulture for ladies until 1972. In fact current Orchard manager Chris Lanczak trained under Miss Havergal and has worked at Waterperry for more than forty years, helped by his ‘second in command’ Jules Watling.

Between them they grow around fifty different varieties of apple – including more unusual types like Ashmeads Kernel, Orleans Reinette and Kidd’s Orange. But they also grow old favourites like Cox’s Orange Pippin, Bramley and Egremont Russet. From the end of August until the new year, our Garden Shop is bursting with different apples alongside boxes of the good keeping varieties.

Waterperry apples are grown, harvested and juiced onsite using time-honoured methods, which means our fruit and juices are low on food miles and high on taste. Plums and pears are also available in season along with bare root Waterperry fruit trees from the end of November to late March. We grow 3 different varieties of plum: Marjories Seedling, Victoria and Opal and 7 varieties of pear: Comice, Conference, Buerre Hardy, Williams, Gorham, Glou Morceau and Merton Pride as well as Greengages and Damsons.

Apple weekend is one of the biggest events in Waterperry’s annual calendar, when visitors have the chance to sample fruit, get advice and information and even have their mystery apple crops identified (this weekend only).

The Orchard team constantly monitor disease and pests amongst the fruit crops, only spraying when it is needed. There are only certain pesticides that can be used which break down in the environment. The pesticides they use are very specific to what they control and will only target and kill specific species.

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