Sandy Lane Farm

Sandy Lane farm, just outside Tiddington, 10 miles from Oxford, is one of our three main fruit and veg suppliers. They are an organic farm famed for their exceptional courgettes and garlic.

Their Story

They are a traditional, family-run, organic farm dedicated to growing organic vegetables for nearly 30 years.

Charles had the farming bug from an early age, went to Cirencester Agricultural College and took over the farm from his godfather, Commander Dimsdale, in 1985.

He sees himself as a custodian of the farm and believes in engaging with the wider community to share the experiences of farm life. Anyone catching his talks on the tractor trailer rides finds them informative and very amusing.

Sue looks after the fruity side of the farm (the orchard), and the lovely pigs. Totally passionate about ethical and sustainable farming.

George is the next generation aiming to forge a living from the farm. He gave up his career as a product manager for a software company in 2012 to go full time on the farm and with his engineering mindset is trying to achieve a sense of order and process on the farm – not always successfully! George’s responsibility is in the organic vegetable growing side of things and keeps the facebook and twitter pages ticking. The self-confessed veg geek.

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