Oxfordshire Chilli Garden

The Oxfordshire Chilli Garden, based in Witney, 29 miles from Oxford, grow a fine selection of mouth watering (literally) chillis. From fruity warming lemon chillis, to extrodinarily hot chillis like the naga chilli, they grow everything the discerning chilli connoisseur could want.

Their Story

We can trace our origins all the way back to our expat days in Singapore in the late 1980s, where we had a couple of chilli plants growing on the balcony.  We would use the chillies in anything that needed a lick of chilli heat (which in South-East Asian cuisine is pretty much everything), or give them away to friends and colleagues.

Years later, we decided to have a go at growing them in the UK.  Our first plant was a rather sad-looking African bird’s eye which we picked up at a jumble sale. Despite our iffy British climate, it thrived and produced hundreds of chillies. Taking the seeds from one of the pods, we grew several more plants, and then started experimenting with other varieties. At about the same time, people in the UK began to develop more of a taste for spicy food. They also began to recognise that chillies weren’t just about adding heat to food, but flavour too. Responding to demand, we started selling our chillies locally, and things took off from there.

Today we not only supply our chillies to shops in and around Oxfordshire, but also to local food companies who use them in their products. And we still put chillies into most of our food: in our opinion, no meal is complete without a bit of heat to liven it up!

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