Ogglio organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in the Belice Valley in Sicily from olives grown, harvested, and pressed locally, on the same day of picking, within a five-mile radius from the grove.

Their Story

Giuseppe Trapani has been working and living in Oxford for more than a decade now. He works for Oxford University Press, but recently, has started an olive oil project in his spare time, outside of working hours. He is originally from Sicily, and comes from a family of farmers. As tradition wants, the land is passed on from generation to generation, and he recently inherited a small olive grove planted by his great-great-grandfather more than a century ago. He hopes that one day it will become his son’s.

The olive trees are of the Nocellara cultivar, arguably one of the world’s finest varieties, were planted more than a century ago, and are still tended organically today without the use of any pesticides or artificial irrigation systems. Every year, the olives are harvested entirely by hand and collected early in the picking season when they are greener and not fully ripe, thus yielding a smaller quantity of oil, which as a result is more intense in flavour.

Their organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the October 2017 harvest and it has not been treated in any way. In fact the extraction process is very simple: imagine squeezing a bunch of olives in your hands. Once pressed, their oil is stored in a stainless steel tank in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality and freshness before being bottled.

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