Medley Manor Farm

Medley Manor Farm, down Binsey Lane, within the ring road, is a conventional farm and one of the very few left within Oxford. They run a pick your own for various soft fruit and grow the best asparagus in Oxford! Whilst they are not certified organic, they use minimal chemicals and have quite a diversified ecosystem approach.

Their Story

They are a small family run farm in the heart of Oxford City. They have a pick your own open to the public in the summer months.

They sell strawberry and raspberry ice-cream, made with our fruit. Our ice cream is only available when the relevant fruits are ripe.

They have a number of bee hives, whose bees help pollinate the fruit flowers. They produce a limited amount of honey which can occasionally be bought on the farm.

The Gee family acquired Medley Manor Farm in 1958. Charles Gee senior and his wife Barbara started the pick your own in 1980,
mainly selling Strawberries.

Their son Charlie Gee has expanded the business to include a wide variety of soft fruits and vegetables. Medley Manor Farm
is one of only three working farms remaining within Oxford City.

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