Brightwell Bees

Brightwell Bees is an apiary based in Brightwell, on the edge of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, 14 miles from Oxford. We sell their delicious honey; runny and set.

Their Story

Viv and Steve Moll run Brightwell Bees. They are Oxfordshire beekeepers based at Brightwell cum Sotwell, near the market town of Wallingford. Their beehives are located in the surrounding South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire villages.

They have a range of products, from the local Berkshire and Oxfordshire honey produced in their hives, to the practical pure beeswax blocks that can be used to fill scratches in wood floors or even lubricate wet suit zips.

Their bees are carefully and compassionately looked after and their honey is pure and delicious!

As beekeepers, they are eternally grateful to our friends who allow us to keep our beehives on their property. They have some fantastic and diverse hive locations in Oxfordshire and Berkshire: their sites are in large gardens and orchards, by wild flower meadows, on the edge of woodland, in nature reserves, by the River Thames and in the heart of productive farmland.

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