One of Cultivate’s aims is to get as many people as possible involved with the hands-on business of growing and selling food in our community. Here are a few ways to be part of what’s going on:

Workshare volunteering

Workshare volunteers support Cultivate by committing to work at least 1/2 day every month, in the process becoming members of the co-operative. Workshare volunteers can help out at our headquarters or at our market stalls, seeing the business evolve and the seasons change over the period that they work.

If you’re a workshare member and need to sign up for volunteer shifts, email us for a link to the list of upcoming days.

Regular Volunteering

Regular volunteering is designed for people who would like to work with Cultivate for a few hours or more a week over a period of time, for a change of scenery, to serve their community or maybe to learn more about what’s involved with running a community food enterprise. Contact us to talk it through, or if you’ve already volunteered with us, to let us know when and how you might like to help out.


Support Cultivate by using your knowledge and skills. Maybe you’re a whizz on social media, a fantastic sign-writer or a have a bank of recipes just waiting to be shared. Cultivate members and supporters have already made us videos, taken us through a learning and reflection process, advised on our waste management and compost system, built us a style, and planted an experimental agroforestry strip in the field margins. Wow! If you’ve got a skill you’d love to share with us then get in touch.