Eating = Agriculture

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Undoubtedly, the way to convince the unconvinced of the merits of local produce is through eating. It’s just a fact that not everyone is going to want to get rained on, stain their hands black putting up polytunnels, don STYLISH … Read More

Polytunnels going up

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‘Do not imagine that putting up a polytunnel is a job for an idle Sunday afternoon…’ warns the polytunnel instruction manual. Indeed no – we’ve been at it for the last week, digging the 64 foundation holes for our two … Read More

On the Road in Exeter

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  I’ve spent the last several days on a research trip in Exeter .. oh ok.. a research trip combined with just a little bit of a cycling in gorgeous weather in the countryside trip. But that was opportunism. My … Read More

Hot off the press

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Cultivate has been taking the local food scene by storm! Or, at least, we’ve been getting a fair amount of press and publicity. Which is great news, because it shows just how ready people are to see projects like Cultivate … Read More

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