This week on the VegVan…

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…here’s what we’ll have on board: New potatoes Carrots Onions Spring onions* Spring garlic* French beans Flat beans Spring greens Chard* Lettuces (romaine*; batavia; red oak leaf*) Tomatoes (vine and cherry) Kohl rabi* Beets* Cucumbers* Green peppers* Aubergines* Fennel Parsley* … Read More


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“my salad days / When I was green in judgment, cold in blood” Antony and Cleopatra  (1.v.73), William Shakespeare   We are in our salad days. One week away from the launch of the VegVan, we have salad coming out of our ears. With no van to sell out … Read More

Cultivating Conservation

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Reproduced from the Oxford Conservation Volunteer’s “The Weasel”. Summer 2012 edition can be found here. Cultivate is a new co-operative which is working to increase the amount of local food grown and eaten within Oxfordshire. It is growing food without the … Read More

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