Cultivate was set up to get more food from Oxfordshire’s food producers onto the dinner plates of the hungry masses! Since the launch of the VegVan in 2012, we have worked with more than 40 local growers, farmers, bakers, cooks and makers, as well as selling veg from our own 10-acre market garden in Little Wittenham.

Here’s a list of the producers we have been working with recently, and their distance in miles from Carfax Tower in the centre of Oxford. At any one time not all of these producers will have items available in the shop, but keep your eyes peeled and they should make an appearance before too long!

Fruit and vegetables

Sandy Lane Farm – 10 miles – Organic

North Aston Organics – 16 miles – Organic

Westmill Organics – 22 miles – Organic

Tolhurst Organics – 22 miles – Organic

Medley Manor Farm – 2 miles – Conventional

Rectory Farm – 5 miles – Conventional

Waterperry Gardens – 9 miles – Conventional

Oxfordshire Chilli Garden – 7 miles – Eco

Restore – 3 miles – Ecological


Larder and dry goods

FAI Farms – 5 miles – Organic

Missing Bean – 1 mile – Conventional

Barefoot Kitchen – 1 mile –Conventional

Saba Jams – 1 mile – Organic

Brightwell Bees– 14 miles – Ecological

Bakery and cakes

Barefoot Kitchen – 1 mile –Conventional

Sandford Sourdough – 1 miles – Conventional



Waterperry Gardens – 9 miles – Conventional


Further afield

We buy as much of our produce as possible locally, and when we can’t get stuff from round here, we buy from further afield, using Choice Organics, based just outside of Western International Market in West London and source Organic Tomatoes from The Tomato Stall based on the Isle of Wight.  See our sourcing principles for more on how we decide what to buy and from where.

Fancy supplying us?

We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch.