SESI Refill Station joins the Cultivate VegVan!  

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We’re pleased to announce that SESI will now be appearing alongside the Cultivate VegVan at the Rusty Bicycle refilling washing-up liquid , bio and non-bio laundry liquid, fabric softener, multisurface cleaner, dishwasher tablets and others. 

Cut packaging waste and come and refill your own bottles with locally made, sustainable household detergents every Thursday at the Rusty Bicycle Cultivate stop 3pm-8pm.

“In the UK alone we use 35 million plastic bottles every day and as many as 16 million of these go unrecycled – ending up on our beaches, in landfill and in our oceans.” – Greenpeace.

SESI has been helping cut all kinds of packaging waste since 2006.  So far, they have refilled about 40,000 plastic bottles alone with the help of Oxfordshire residents.

We’re really excited to be helping them keep up the good work.