Introducing Cultivate Click & Collect

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Cultivate are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new click and collect service. You’ll now be able to pre-order your local, ethical and delicious produce to collect at our stops by using our new shopfront on the Open Food Network. You’ll get first dibs on all our produce, avoid queuing at our stops and be able to plan your weekly shop in advance.

The new service has been made possible by the Open Food Network (OFN), a web infrastructure where a special importance is given to collaborative governance and non-profit principles. The project was born in 2012 in Australia with the objective to provide a food distribution infrastructure based on common goods principles. The idea was to decentralise food systems and to give power back to those who produce and buy on distribution channels. In order to respect the principle of transparency and to provide a decentralised and fair organisation, the Open Food platform is an open source. Each user is able to create his own project freely, to innovate and invent new solutions.
OFN manages to reduce food waste, food miles and CO2 emissions, to enable better prices for farmers, to support communities, to increase organic production, to boost local economies and, of course, to obtain flexible and transparent pricing.


It is for all these reasons we decided to utilise OFN and take the learnings we made from the development of our own online shop to create a click and collect service, rather than re-launching a comprehensive shop. Thanks to the hard work of OFN intern Raphaëlle we are now ready to launch to this new service to our customers and offer the convenience of ordering online and collecting at any of our VegVan/market stops. We hope this enables people to shop with us more regularly, whilst also making our product range more visible.
OFN has also allowed us to develop our partnership with the L.O.V.E project more comprehensively. Through their paper distribution network we are also offering the villages surrounding Oxford the opportunity to have Local, Ethical and Delicious produce delivered to their doors. Working with Bill we are establishing a profit share business model so that we can offer people great value organic produce on their doorstep. Full list of our delivery areas below.
As one of the first food hubs in Oxford to use the system  we hope that we can be a pioneer and encourage other local food organisations to join us on the platform which is already operating successfully in other towns in the UK.
The Cultivate Click & Collect service is open for orders every Monday – Wednesday for collection at our stops in Oxford Thursday-Sunday.
Visit the shop here. 

Home Delivery Service is currently only available in: Wootton (Abingdon) / Henwood / Dry Sandford / Cothill / Boars Hill / Hinksey Hill / Whitecross / Sunningwell / Bayworth / Frilford / Besselsleigh / Forest Hill / Stanton St John / Beckley / Woodeaton / Noke / Islip / Oddington / Charlton / Merton / Fencer / Mercott / Horton Cum Studley