Cultivate’s Winter Squash Guide

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Download the Winter Squash Guide
Download the Winter Squash Guide

The season for beautiful winter squash is just beginning. These versatile cucurbits will take us all the way through the harshest months of the year, offering bountiful potential in the form of soups, roast veg, stews, stuffed squash, risotto… even pie and cake!

Want to know how to navigate the potentially confusing but oh-so-tasty streets of Squash-ville this winter? Just download Cultivate’s Official SquashGuide (not yet available as an app for your iPhone, but you never know). Confusion will be banished as you learn to differentiate your butternuts from your buttercups! Bore your friends with in-depth knowledge of the nutty to winter sweet squash flavour continuum! Tell Seasonal Affective Disorder to get stuffed, as you pop your persian Sweet Dumpling into the oven with a smile! Travel to Japan with hearty Green Hokkaido and Uchiki Kuri, without leaving your kitchen! All this and more in our squash guide.

Remember you can get a variety of squash all through the winter at your local VegVan stop. Enjoy!