Cultivate Joins Fair Food Forager

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We know that if you’re one of our customers or members it’s likely that you like to shop as ethically as possible and want to spend your money places you can be sure are doing their bit. But sometimes it’s not always easy to know which businesses are working hard to reduce plastic, stock vegan or gluten-free products or pay a fair wage. This is even harder if you’re visiting a city for the first time. And that’s where Fair Food Forager comes in.

Fair Food Forager is a web/ app based food directory for sustainable businesses. They list cafes, restaurants, producers, grocers, and caterers. The location-based service gives information to consumers about how a food provider scores in 13 categories which cover food waste, plastic waste, sourcing local produce, and sourcing sustainable and cruelty-free food.

The app launched in Australia last September and has grown rapidly. Now with around 1,000 listings in 8 countries. They officially launched in the UK this month and the FFF Team have chosen Oxford as hub because of the quality of local food, and the existing network of producers. Cultivate are proud to be one of the first ethical businesses listed here in the city and are hoping our fellow local food businesses join us to make it even easier for people here in the city to make ethical shopping choices

Paul Hellier, Founder of Fair Food Forager says “It’s about making those values [ ethical eating ] an easy decision to make. So we can literally jump on for 30 seconds and find the nearest place, support a business that is trying to be better, and then have an impact with where we spend our money”

FFF is on the lookout for enthusiastic, environmentally aware foodies to help continue to populate their app and website. If you know of some fabulous spots the FFF team would love to hear from you! Businesses interested in signing up can take advantage of their deal – sharethelove – in celebration of their UK launch. Instead of the £12 annual admin fee, the first 12 months will only cost £1.

If you are a producer or supplier of sustainable, local products, they also want you on board. “We not only want to point out the food venues that deserve your money, we also want to help these venues find ethical suppliers near them” says Paul.

The FFF app is available to download now on iTunes and Android