Spiced Roots gets Local, Ethical And Delicious – meet our newest partner

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As a local food co-op our main aim is to get more local food to more local people. Selling veg to local communities at our weekly stops, talking about local food online and offline and writing our weekly column in the local paper hopefully goes some way to achieving this. But another way we are looking to get more local food out there is through supplying local restaurants and businesses.

This is why we are incredibly pleased be working with one of Cowley Road’s newest Caribbean restaurants Spiced Roots. Chef Hasan Defour approached us at our Sunday market stop as he was looking to create a new menu that focused on Ital foods. Ital is food celebrated by the Rastafarian movement and the general idea is that food should be natural, or pure, and from the earth. As as food co-op dedicated to sourcing the best local, ethical and delicious food this was totally up our street.

DSC03208_So we met Hasan and the full team at their restaurant on the Cowley road to discuss our new partnership and the ideas flying across the table were making our mouths water. The passion of the whole team there was infectious, they were all excited to be getting hands on produce that was not only great quality but also was fully traceable right down to the name of the farmer growing it. It was pretty hard to stop our stomaches from rumbling as we sat surrounded by the smells of the evening dishes being prepared, so we just had to stay for dinner.

The food really was fantastic, packed full of Caribbean flavours and presented impeccably. And we weren’t alone in thinking so, the restaurant, having only been open for a few weeks, was absolutely rammed full of happy customers. We can’t wait to return no that they’ve launched their Cultivate supplied Ital menu. It will be a great opportunity to taste our local produce used in some not-so-local cooking methods. It’s definitely the start of an exciting and very tasty journey for both us and the Spiced Roots team, we can’t wait to see how it develops.