Meet our new supplier – Two Bears Bakery

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We love a good sourdough and we also love local food start-ups which is why we’re so excited to be stocking some of the first loaves produced a brand new company.2bearslogo

Two Bears is a very tiny home bakery based in Marston, Oxford. It’s run by Simon who has a huge passion for sourdough baking. His passion began when he tasted a sourdough loaf from a restaurant in Cornwall which ‘blew his mind’. He went on to quiz the baker and eventually convinced him to part with a little pot of starter culture.  Despite a rather flat first loaf, Simon spent a lot of time baking and researching so he could ‘understand the process inside out’ and eventually bake using his intuition.

“It’s just not possible to follow a recipe, and it is this combination of art and science which I truly love about bread baking.  Every baker will have their own method, but a big chunk of sourdough baking is experience.  Does that pre-ferment smell ripe enough?  Does the dough need another turn, or is it ready to be shaped?  Has it proved enough to go in the oven?  Every step is a process to be learned using every one of your senses to produce the best loaves every time.  Believe me, there have been some disasters along the way.”

Now Simon is producing a fantastic selection of baked goods. When he brought some down for us to try we were so impressed we jumped at the opportunity to be the first to stock his loaves.

“Everything in our loaves is organic, and we are working toward sourcing more sustainable produce as we grow… We currently use a combination of Doves Farm and Becheldre Mill flour, spring water and organic Cornish salt.  Our basic loaves don’t need any more than this, though we add a few organic Caraway seeds to our New York Rye.  And our hot cross buns are full of delicious spices and fruits, including Cultivate’s own blood oranges and lemons.”

“We are tremendously excited about the next steps for Two Bears.  We have been incredibly touched by the support we have already received from our new friends around Oxford, and so pleased by the great feedback we have received on the bread so far.  We are so pleased to provide Cultivate’s bread.”

Initially we’ll be stocking Two Bears Large Sourdough loaves at our Thursday and Friday stops and for a limited time we’ll have their fantastic sourdough hot cross buns (organic and dairy-free) on board too.

You can follow the progress of Two Bears and enjoy tasty pics of their latest creations over on Twitter.