Meet our new supplier: Cutteslowe Nursery and Garden Centre

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Cutteslowe Nursery and Garden Centre is tucked right in the heart of Cutteslowe park. Based just 3.5 miles from the city centre we really couldn’t believe our luck when we heard they not only stocked decorative plants but were growing a plethora of herbs, fruit and veg and could provide us with some to sell at our stops.

It wasn’t until we paid Phil, who runs the centre with a small team of volunteers,  a visit in person that the huge variety of produce there really became apparent. He’s growing 40-45 varieties of tomatoes, 50 varieties of herbs, 50 types of chilli’s, aubergines, cucumber, berries, salad and more. And there’s even room for expansion to try more new things. The more variety the more learning opportunities there are which is key as the garden centre is being run on a not-for-profit basis to offer horticultural therapy for people with disabilities and learning difficulties, as well as employment and volunteer opportunities.


With so much variety it’s a fascinating place to visit. Some of the more interesting things we spotted were crinkly-leaved heritage tomatoes, purple chilli’s and crystal apple cucumbers. Phil’s even having a go at some tarragon and ginger although he has no idea whether he’ll have any success. Although not certified organic the produce from Cutteslowe is grown in a peat-free, pesticide free environment. Phil proudly pointed out his use of flowers to try to bring in the natural predators to help keep the unwanted bugs at bay. 



We’ll be stocking Cutteslowe produce at each of our Cultivate stops so pop down to your nearest one to get your hands on some.  And if you want to pay them a visit yourself Cutteslowe Nursery and Garden Centre is open to the public everyday from 10am-5pm and they’re also on the lookout for volunteers to help look after and grow their current selection of plants. For more information get in touch with Phil on or visit their Facebook page.