Meet our New Supplier – Sabā Jam

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We first met Sabā as a customer on the VegVan at our Little Clarendon street stop. She was buying up all our plums and tomatoes and we couldn’t help but ask why. She told us it was to make Jams and chutney for an Iranian documentary about her business and handed us her card. We immediately checked out her site and just looking at Sabā’s Instagram posts had our mouths watering. We soon got in touch with her about producing a batch for us to sell at our stops.saba

Sabā the creator and namesake of the brand has been making jams since 2010. Starting out in California she made jams as a way of preserving the bounty of Californian produce at the height of the season. On moving to Oxford a year ago she was struggling to find seasonal, organic and tasty produce to carry on creating her preserves, that is until she found the Cultivate VegVan. Inspired by what we had on offer, she stocked up and started making her first batches.

Sabā, an engineer by day, hand makes her preserves in small batches using organic sugar and seasonal, organic fruit. When asked what her favourite flavour combination is she exclaimed that it’s like asking her to pick a favourite child! But she is a fan of quince and likes to keep her preserves more on the tart side. She told us she’s chosen Cultivate as her first UK outlet because she feels it’s important to support our cause and is excited by our products and what we’re trying to achieve.

saba14324196_1202829186457203_1015766618395506532_oWe stayed glued to Sabā’s Instagram feed waiting for a little glimpse of the first batch and were overjoyed when she dropped off 4 bagfuls of jars at our VegVan, including a pear, rosemary and gin jam and a tomato and saffron chutney. As Darra Goldstein, the editor in chief of new magazine Cured, says: “When preserves are done well, they’re like eating jewels.” And Sabā’s jams certainly fall into the jewel category. Just looking at them sat glistening in their pretty jars is a treat for the eyes and a little hint at the treat for the tastebuds that is soon to come.
We’ll be stocking Sabā Jams at our stops from late November 2016. Find out more about Sabā Jam by visiting her website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.