Cultivate Coffee from The Missing Bean

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At Cultivate we mainly focus on bringing delicious fresh produce to the people of Oxford but sometimes we can’t resist branching out from fruit and veg, especially when we have a plethora of people producing great food and drink products right on our doorstep.

So we’d like to introduce you to  The Missing Bean an independently owned and run espresso bar and in our opinion the servers of the best coffee in Oxford. A couple of years ago they also set up a micro coffee roastery in East Oxford ( not far from our stop at The Rusty Bicycle), where they roast their beans on a weekly basis. So, when we were discussing the potential of stocking some new non-fresh food items at our weekly Cultivate stops we were really keen to get in touch with them.

A few weeks later the Cultivate team are sat in the East Oxford roastery attending a ‘Cupping Night’. Sat at a round table armed with a flavour guide we were guided by Ori the owner of the Missing Bean through a selection of coffees discussing the beans, processing and provenance.

Ori ensures that all the beans they source are fully traceable, from sustainable environments, is of the highest grade and importantly that the farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee. The farmers Ori sources from are paid double what fairtrade farmers are paid and he is even able to give us the name of the farmers and locations of the farms for each type of bean.

He was also keen to highlight that the final product really does come down to the farmers and the processes they use. Different processing, such a drying in the sun versus washing and fermenting the beans will give them a completely different flavour when roasting and then of course when drinking. When it comes to the final taste even the way the coffee is prepared can really change the flavour. We tried the same coffee prepared as a filter, espresso, latte, and cold brew and each brought out a slightly different flavour profile despite being from the same bean and of course we all had our different favourites.

After trying out several options we have settled on 2 single origin coffees, a cold brew and a special Cultivate exclusive blend to stock at each of our stops, see below for more specific info on each one. And if you’re keen to learn even more about coffee The Missing Bean hold Cupping Parties the first Thursday of every month head over to their website for more details

See below for more info on the Coffee we’ll have in stock from July 2016:


Single Origin Beans : Mexico

Farm : Finca Hamburgo

Farmer:   Thomas Edelman

Recommended brew method : Filter / Cafetiere

Single Origin Beans : Brazil

Estate : Dutra 

Farmers : Walter Cesar & Ednilson Alves Dutra

Recommended brew method : Moka pot (stove top) / Espresso

Cultivate Blend 

A blend of beans from three regions: Ethiopia / El  Salvador / Guatemela

Recommended Brew: Filter / Cafetiere / Espresso

Ethiopia bean source Guji Highlands Coffee Plantation

El  Salvador beans sourced from El Ingenio de Los Ausole and produced by Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Urrutia Centeno and family

Guatemela beans sourced from: Fedocogua, a cooperative bringing together small farmers.