What to do with: Red cabbage

What to do with: Red cabbage

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Thanks to our Facebook Culinary Team!

There’s a lot of red cabbage around at the moment so we crowd-sourced ideas for innovative and inspiring recipes. Here’s what came out, these recipes should keep you drooling over red cabbage for years to come! (mmm, don’t they all sound delicious!):

1) My fave thing to do with red cabbage is a spicy coleslaw. Basically: slice cabbage finely, grate in a few carrots, then add: mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt & pepper and a generous glug of sriracha chilli sauce and mix the whole thing up into a bowl of pink-fiery-cabbagy-goodness. It’s great on its own as a salad for lunch or served with roast chicken/roast veg.

2) Fry onion with curry powder and mixed spice, add ginger, add shredded red cabbage, red wine, bouillon and sweet chilli sauce. Use as a small side dish with steak or whatever takes your fancy.

3) Shred, add mayo, peanuts, sliced button mushrooms, crispy bacon, and a little finely chopped sweet onion.

4) The obvious one: slowly cooked combo with onion, apple, raisins, cider vinegar, a bit of sugar, caraway seeds – slicing finely really helps it work well without taking too long. 

5) Basically it is a matter of opening each petal and stuffing between them a mixture of halloumi (or tempeh if you are vegan) with all colour peppers, herbs and spices (and nuts if you fancy) of your choice. You bake it until golden and almost towards the end you serve it with finely chopped spinach and garlic bechamel sauce (use coconut cream if you are vegan). It does look like you have served a lush, colourful, big, natural, *very* edible flower  It is actually easier and quicker to make that rolling each piece. To decorate, serve with salad bits, such as carrot sticks and cucumber, all around it. 

6) Slice fairly thinly, saute gently in butter, splash with a little balsamic vinegar, then serve topped with flaked almonds.