Westmill Organics

Westmill Organics

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Who grows the VegVan’s veg? Find out more about the producers who work to make your weekly shop so tasty!

Have you ever been driving towards the west country, and seen five big wind turbines? Well, that’s where Westmill Organics is located, one of our longest standing producers. They’re about 24 miles away, near Swindon.

Pete Richardson runs Westmill Organics. His land is home not only to the wind turbines, but to an apple tree nursery, a centre for horticultural therapy, a woodland burial ground, and of course, 20 acres of organic fields. Pete uses his fields as experimental sites, working not only to produce crops, but to grow them in ways that are better for the land. He uses lots of green manures to protect the soil and add fertility. And he uses lots of manual labour, especially from WOOFers, who stay at the farm and volunteer.

We love our veg from Westmill and regularly stock their leeks, carrots and root veg. Pete’s favourite veg is carrots, although the weird and cold weather has meant that his sweetcorn has recently been the real focus of his tender loving care!

Enjoy his carrots now and watch for his supply of sweetcorn coming soon – sunshine permitting!

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