We’re jammin’!

We’re jammin’!

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Hello folks! This week, the Taste Tour is dedicated to all the delicious goodies you can make with your gluts and leftovers, and the things which allow us to keep the taste of harvest going through the darker days of the year: jams, chutneys and preserves.

I say jam, you say jelly
Instead of calling the whole thing off, let’s just get this straight: what we call ‘jam’ in the UK is ‘jelly’ in the US (they call ‘jelly’ ‘jello’).

‘Preserve’ or ‘conserve’ on this island tends to indicate a particularly high content of fruit in a jam – and made with whole fruit rather than pieces. Chutney suggests herbs and spices, and an Indian origin, and if you’re talking citrus fruits, then you’re talking Marmalade.

Did you know that there is an EU directive setting minimum standards for the amount of ‘fruit’ in jam? True.

‘Jam jam’ anyone?

Bob Marley Jammin‘Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re jammin’:
I wanna jam it wid you.
We’re jammin’, jammin’,
And I hope you like jammin’, too.’
– Bob Marley 1977

So, why not take a leaf out of Bob Marley’s book? Get some good jammin’ in, and come and taste some treats on the VegVan this week.

And if you fancy jammin’ with others, why not invite them along to a ‘jam jam’ and get them to bring their musical instruments too – cookin’ up some sweet treats for all your senses. If you’re well connected and keen to show off, be sure to invite Paul Weller and his pals along too, and you can have a ‘Jam jam with The Jam’.