Squash Pasties

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squash pasties

Surprisingly easy, especially if you use shortcrust pastry from frozen. And you can add or change out any of the ingredients – squash goes well with a lot of different flavours!

What you need 

© Mim Saxl Photography, www.mimsaxl.com
Uchiki-Kiri Squash
  • Leeks – 2
  • Squash – 1/4 of a large squash
  • Mushrooms – 5-6 chestnut
  • Caraway seeds – sprinkling
  • Salt/pepper – to taste
  • Parmesan cheese if desired
  • Shortcrust pastry – thawed from frozen, or homemade

What to do

Cut your leeks, mushrooms and squash into large, rough chunks. Sauté leeks on low heat with oil or butter, add mushrooms and squash when leeks are soft. Sauté all together with salt, pepper and caraway seeds until mushrooms are brown and squash is soft, but not too mushy.
Roll out your shortcrust, then use a bowl to cut large rounds. The smaller you cut, the more you get (and the more like little nibbles they are), but larger ones make a great lunch next day.
In the centre of each round put 1-2 large spoonfuls of filling (more for larger pasties). If you’re adding cheese, sprinkle over the top of your filling. Fold over, then roll edges or press with fork.
Place on a baking tray in fan oven at 180C for 10-15 minutes, then check. They’re finished when the pastry is nicely browned, so it’s a bit of use-your-judgement, they might take a bit longer.
That’s it!