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Ah, the apple. A symbol of temptation, both ancient and modern (popping up in the Gardens of Eden and Hesperides, par exemple, and more recently, think iphones, laptops, designer chic…). In Ancient Greece, if someone chucked an apple your way, it was a declaration of love – and if you caught it, you symbolically accepted that love.  You have been warned.

A member of the rose family, there are 3000 native varieties of apple in the UK – of which we find very few on our supermarket shelves.  Those we do find can often be a year old, having been treated with 1-methylcyclopropene, waxed and sent to cold storage before they head to our shelves.  And of course, many have travelled a long, long way to be there.  China is the lead apple producer, growing almost half of the 80 million tonnes of apples grown worldwide in 2013.

Not so on the VegVan.    All our Apples, pears and juices are grown here in Oxfordshire. This week you can do your own taste test – we’ll have Bramleys, Cox and Russett to explore.

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Hmm, the correlation is apparently not quite clear, but what is not in question is whether they provide a range of great health benefits. For example, the soluble fibre in apples can help prevent cholesterol building on artery walls, and the high level of potassium can help with blood pressure.  And as for the digital variety, iPhones offer a whole range of ‘get fit’ apps…