VegNews 18th July

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The fun to be had whilst weeding and watering endless rows of parched veg might seem limited, but bring an army of Cultivate volunteers on board and things quickly change! We have been so lucky as to have had various groups of willing workers on the land this past week, ready to brave the midday sun with high spirits in the name of local veg. Thanks to them we have not only shifted some weeds and (just!) kept things watered, but have now planted out the bulk of the veg for the year.

Aside from more watering and weeding, we have added deer-proofing our apple trees to our list of jobs. The cheeky munjack have been munching on our young trees, holding back the growth of these yearlings.

Van News

On the VegVan you may notice we have our first, very small, batch of French Beans from Springhill. Calabrese broccoli from Sandy Lane is also making its first appearance and our local fruit offering continues to rise thanks to Ashtree’s first crop of raspberries, which have been on so many people’s wish lists for a good few weeks.

You will also find a new brand of apple juice from Carey Organic in Herefordshire. We are sadly now down to the final few bottles of last season’s Tiddly Pommes Oxford apple juice so will have to wait for this year’s apple harvest to enjoy the next batch of this delicious drink. In its stead, Carey Organic is one of the few organic juices we could find that is still available and although it comes from further afield in Herefordshire, we hope it will satisfy for these few interim months.

Also, Timothy’s cut flowers, (edible!) nasturtium flowers, broad beans, rainbow chard, strawberries, basil, bunched carrots, beetroots… This is the time of year we love!

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