This week on the VegVan: 22-24 August

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This week we are really getting going with our broccoli and cauliflower. They looks beautiful and taste even better, and best of all, we’re proud of them for surviving the dreadful weather and the onslaught of early slugs. But they’ve grown up a treat, and will be perfect for dinner!

We’re currently looking out for locally-grown tree fruits (wild plums? medlars? ancient apple varieties?), so let us know if you can help us out! And, p.s. we’re changing from strawberries and blackberries this week to the first of the luscious blackberries… Can it be autumn late summer already? ;)

To find your nearest VegVan stop this week, look up

Please note: the following list is indicative and we can’t absolutely promise to have everything… This is particularly true of bread, which we need to sell out of by the end of each day because it won’t keep. If you’d like to put in a regular order for bread to pick up at your stop, get in touch with us.

Giant kohl rabi!

Potatoes [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic] Purple potatoes* [Shetland Blacks dug from the earth at the volunteer work party on Saturday] Carrots [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic] Onions*

Tomatoes* [Sakura cherry toms, plum and beef varieties from our tunnels] Courgettes [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic] Patty pans [Limited flying-saucer shaped yellow summer squash, from Springhill, starting Thursday. Some lovely yellow round summer squash in the meantime, from Andy Bell’s organic Veg in Clover] Sweet peppers* [properly turning red and yellow now, both bell and romano varieties] Cultivate aubergines* [A truly beautiful veg!]

Sweetcorn [Medley Manor Farm.] French beans* [now in full flush from our field] Broad beans*

Cultivate broccoli* [slight mottling issues now appear rectified, so good-looking broccoli this week!] Cultivate cauliflower*
White Cabbage*
Kohl rabi* [Last of the season… get them now] Beetroot* [psst! eat the leaves!]

Romaine lettuces* [New crop now in, back by popular demand] Oriental salad bag [a lovely peppery mix of mizuna, red mustard and other oriental leaves bagged up for a salad from the excellent Springhill landbased training initiative. From Thursday onwards] Cucumbers* [some giant ones, some less giant]

Rainbow Chard* [It’s in full swing, now at a lower price] Leaf beet/perpetual spinach* [first time]

Garlic [Little Salad Co – our neighbour Matthew] Parsley*

Blackberries [Rectory Farm. Conventional]

Plus: locally produced jams, pickles and preserves by Elder Stubbs and Cultivate member Jill; Brightwell honey, organic free range eggs from the University Farm; Tiddly Pommes apple juice (please bring back the bottles so they can be reused by Rupert); sourdough and local wholemeal loaves; East Oxford Oatcakes by Roz (now in sesame format too); and amazing Just Change tea.

And: 100% local flour in white, wholemeal and spelt varieties. Absolutely no added gluten and ground by stones for more of the good stuff. Also new and going down a storm – Oromo Coffee! Oromo is an Ethiopian coffee from the first ever community-owned direct trading coffee business, operated by a group of Oromo people from the Oromia region of Ethiopia how living in England. It’s available in bean and ground form and tastes rather superb.

*= Cultivate’s own!

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