This week on the VegVan…

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Here’s what we’ll have on board…

New potatoes [Nicola, a firm potato great for salads and boiling. Sandy Lane Farm. Organic] Onions [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic]

Spring onions* [we think these are great cooked or raw, and perfect in summer salads] Fresh garlic* [some of the last of the season, and perfect to use because you don’t need to peel it!]

French beans [North Aston Organic] Broad beans [Sandy Lane Organic]

Rainbow Chard* [Just harvested this morning] Kohl rabi* [Eat it grated in salad? Tastes like brocolli stem. Yum] Batavia Lettuces* [the curly ones]

Tomatoes (vine and cherry)* [First crop from our tunnels – Sakura and golden pearl as well as larger vine toms] Mushrooms [Portobello, brown chestnut and for the first time… oyster. All organic from Chelbury] Beetroot*
Green peppers* [pointy romano ones and bell] Aubergines*
Fennel [North Aston Organic. Sold very fast last week. Get them while they’re hot]

Chilli peppers* [some are hot, some not… you’ll have to try them to find out which! — (or ps. I’ll tell you if you ask me nicely. J)] Parsley*

Basil [North Aston Organic – a few very special Thai Basil left]

Plus: locally produced jams (new stock in of Cultivate member Jill’s Jillicious jams. Ha!), honey, pickles and preserves; organic free range eggs; apple juice; bread; and amazing Just Change tea! This week we have a new bottle on from Rupert at Tiddly Pommes, a tart Wagener apple juice made from trees in Iffley Fields. And new stock of the sweeter Blenheim Orange. Also for the first time this week, EAST OXFORD OATCAKES from the creator of wonderful flatbreads Roz, most commonly seen with chollah and bagels at East Oxford Farmers’ Market. (SOLD OUT, SORRY – MORE IN SOON)

* Mostly Cultivate’s own produce!

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