This week on the VegVan: 1-3 August

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NB Please return any bottles or jars you buy on the VegVan – our producers will re-use them! If you have bought any of the new season’s Elderflower Cordial please click here for an important notice.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for….

Here’s what we’ll have on board:

New potatoes [Nicola, a firm potato great for salads and boiling. Sandy Lane Farm. Organic]

Onions [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic] Bunched carrots [Sandy Lane Farm. Organic]

Spring onions* [we think these are great cooked or raw, and perfect in summer salads]

Flat beans [North Aston Organic] Broad beans [Sandy Lane Organic] French beans* [first of ours of the season!]

Hispi Cabbage [NEW North Aston Organic] White Cabbage* [NEW] Rainbow Chard*
Oriental Greens [NEW Springhill] Kohl rabi* [Eat it grated in salad? Tastes like brocolli stem. Try a recipe, tell us what works!] Little Gem & Batavia Lettuces* [the curly ones – a new crop of red oakleaf coming soon]

Courgettes [Sandy Lane Organic – NEW this week] Tomatoes (vine and cherry)* [First crop from our tunnels – Sakura, as well as larger vine toms] Mushrooms [Chelbury Organic flat, brown chestnut and oyster mushrooms] Beetroot* [psst! eat the leaves!] Cucumbers* [some giant ones, some less giant] Green  and yellow-green peppers* [pointy romano ones and bell… just starting to turn yellow] Aubergines (limited supply)*
Fennel [North Aston Organic]

Chilli peppers* [Hungarian hot wax, jalapeño, cherry bomb – some are hot, some not so much…] Parsley*

Plus: locally produced jams, pickles and preserves by Elder Stubbs and Cultivate member Jill; Brightwell honey, organic free range eggs from the University Farm; Tiddly Pommes apple juice; sourdough and local wholemeal loaves; East Oxford Oatcakes by Roz (sold out last week, but now back!); and amazing Just Change tea!

NEW: 100% local flour in white, wholemeal and spelt varieties. Absolutely no added gluten and ground by stones for more of the good stuff. Also new in this week – Oromo Coffee! Oromo is an Ethiopian coffee from the first ever community-owned direct trading coffee business, operated by a group of Oromo people from the Oromia region of Ethiopia how living in England. It’s available in bean and ground form and tastes rather superb. Find out more at:

large version supporting the oromo coffee company

ATTENTION: If you have bought new season ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL.
We have been advised that there is some risk of bottles breaking due to build-up of pressure. This is as a result of an error in bottling the cordial too early. We advise anyone who has bought the cordial to approach with caution and to loosen the top as soon as possible to release any pressure. Apologies – we will accept returns, but please do loosen the top first!

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