Polytunnels going up

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‘Do not imagine that putting up a polytunnel is a job for an idle Sunday afternoon…’ warns the polytunnel instruction manual. Indeed no – we’ve been at it for the last week, digging the 64 foundation holes for our two tunnels, putting together the metal hoops, getting them upright one by one, bolting together the wooden side rails, making the sliding doors… But we’ve been smiled upon by glorious weather and our team has been boosted by Cultivate members Michael and Michelle who came to help us out. With a few more bits and pieces done over this (idle) weekend, and then a few more good solid days of work we should have the skin on the first tunnel by the end of the week. If you feel like a day out in the country giving us a hand and you don’t mind a bit of brute labouring give Julian a call 07816 354433.

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