Half-way there – Surge of support for Cultivate!

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Only four weeks in from our launch, Cultivate’s community share offer is already half-way to achieving its investment target.

The community share offer, which was launched last month, has got off to a flying start with more than thirty thousand pounds worth of investment from people in Oxfordshire coming forward already.

Tom Curtis, Cultivate’s Chairman writes,

“This opportunity for people to invest in their own local food supply has obviously struck a chord. We are delighted and emboldened by the strength of positive support Cultivate is receiving, and by the fact that so many people are willing to play a practical role by making a financial investment.

“I think the level of support we are getting reflects the fact that people want to have a food supply they can believe in, and also one they can take part in.  People tell us that they like the idea of sustainable and people-friendly food, and they want to support local growers who take care of the natural environment.

“The other critical element, underpinning all of our aims, is the fact that Cultivate is based on a smart and robust plan for doing business. We will take local food to the places where people want it, and we’ll be there when they want it.  I think that’s why people have the confidence to join us by putting their money into the project.

“We’re far from complacent – there’s still a long way to go.  But if we are able to hit our community investment target then we will start to build something that could have a real impact on the way we feed ourselves in Oxfordshire.”

The share offer is due to close on 16th April, by which time we aim to have raised £55,000 in investment. For more information on how to invest, see http://www.cultivateoxford.org/community-share-offer/invest.

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