Digging deep

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Well… not that deep really. On Friday we got one of our new and nifty pieces of kit, a wheel hoe. It also comes with an attachment for ridging, which we thought we’d use to prepare a bed for potatoes before our first open farm day. Turns out, it’s hard work, and tricky! When the ground isn’t fully prepared, and the soil is wet, it’s very heavy. You really have to admire the old work horses, and their plough pulling power.

But, with people power we got five rows marked, we dug trenches for two of them, and lightly scored three. We thought it would be the perfect way to test styles of potato growing – do we need to dig way down and earth up by ridging on either side or the row, or can each spud be popped into the ground, and mounded as they grow, maybe with compost? In the end, will it make a difference to how much they produce? We’ll find out over the coming months…