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Over the last couple of months, we’ve had a survey available on the Cultivate website to find out what you think of the idea, where we should set up pop up markets, what would be exciting to buy, and anything else we should know or you think we should bear in mind.

We asked. 87 of you responded (thank you!).

We told you we’d let you know what the results were. Here we go…

The overall response was supportive. We were happy to see a lot of “Great idea” and “Love it” responses. To everyone who said this is a brilliant/great/exciting/excellent idea and that they’re keen to use it – thanks! We think it’s pretty nifty too!

A few also called for clarification on points, especially how we’ll avoid competing with box schemes and farmers’ markets, where we’ll be located, and how we’ll do outreach and education (especially whether we can use the van to do this). We’ll be working on answering all of these questions, and many more, over the next few weeks.



What we got from the survey
We got some stellar ideas, including:

  • Places and times to stop – great idea, stopping outside of schools at the end of the day when parents pick up. Also, Sunday morning, post service, churches could be a great stop, as long as no one minds if we sing along.
  • Education – good call on schools. We know we’ll be doing the right thing if we can work with schools to get kids excited about locally grown food.
  • Growing unusual things – well, golly, if I could grow pomegranates I surely would. But we definitely want to focus some attention on growing things that might fall under the category of unusual (or super cool). On our list right now: pak choi, chillis, cavallo nero, with a lot more to come

Where this takes us
Responses came from all over Oxfordshire, and a few from farther afield. I think the prize goes to Canada, with one extremely cheerful representative. After that, we’re limited to more realistic delivery routes, as you can see from the map below.
There was a fair bit of clustering down Abingdon way, and a few responses from Thame, Didcot and Kidlington, which is great to see. Responses to surveys and possibly the share offer, in conjunction with location tags, may help us to build up our routes. If you want to see us in your neighbourhood, we need to know where you are!

Questions raised
As I mentioned earlier, a lot of really good questions were raised through the survey. Some of these include:

  • Will you be in Oxfordshire villages too?
  • Will the service be affordable to everyone?
  • What is your business model to help you sustain the project? (just a quick answer here – check out our Business Plan!)
  • How will you avoid competing with veg box schemes and farmers’ markets?
  • Might your van be able to be run on bio-diesel?
  • Will you grow heritage varieties of veggies?

We will use these questions, and a others, to compile an FAQ which will be on the main website. Hopefully that will help to clarify some things, and answer the questions you didn’t even know you had!

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