Heritage varieties? Yes, please!

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Allium seeds drying

What could be more fun than a day at Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library? Well, I can’t think of anything (except maybe a day of planting their seeds!)

Last week, Dan, Julian and I took a ride out to see what the HSL does. Vicki Cooke and Neil Munro kindly gave us the grand tour. We got to see where and how they sort, test and dry their seeds, how they store them, and where they get packaged for sending out to members. I’ll admit to drooling a bit throughout the tour – all those super cool varieties!

Over the next month we’ll be sorting out what we’ll be growing in our very first season, and it looks likely that we’ll be testing some heritage varieties. We’ll work with the HSL to grow varieties that we can supply to our customers, and we’ll save seed so we can increase their supply and grow more of our own in the following season. We’re excited to work to conserve heritage varieties, and to get them out to people who are keen to use them.

Is there a variety of something you’d love to see us grow? Let us know!

Julian, Emma and Dan having a great day out!

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